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The Truth about Fixed Price Probate

The cost of professional services offering to help you apply for probate can vary wildly, so fixed price probate may seem an attractive option.

However, fixed fee services may not be as reasonable or necessary as they might first appear.

Do I need a solicitor,  lawyer or probate specialist?


Almost certainly not. There’s nothing legal involved, probate is just an administrative task.

Most estates are relatively simple with no inheritance tax to pay. Of the 275,000 probates completed every year only 25,000 of those pay inheritance tax, meaning 250,000 don’t.

How much might  I expect to pay a probate professional?


Solicitors tend to charge an hourly rate. Quotes for completing probate can run into £1000’s. They may try to up-sell you to a full ‘estate administration package and take a percentage of the value of the estate. 

There are many probate providers advertising fixed-price probate as an alternative. Costs generally range from £500-£2,000 but often your quote is personalised to the circumstances of the deceased – whether they had a will or not, whether they owned a property etc – so beware of added extras. Many providers advertise a low fixed price which rises when you get in touch with them. 

Excellent service...

This is a very difficult time and I really appreciated the help this service provided. I would recommend youcandoprobate to everyone. Worth every penny... Solicitors had quoted me £8,000 that's a real big jump in price and at such a vulnerable time.

Corinne Minords

However, it’s entirely possible to do probate yourself, with no prior knowledge and no need to pay professional fees. 

The bulk of the work involved is gathering information about the deceased’s estate which you as executor, will have to do, regardless of whether you then use a solicitor or other provider to fill in and check the forms for you.  

You can take control of the whole process. 

How can YouCanDoProbate help?


YouCanDoProbate is an online service designed by people who applied for probate themselves.

It’s a browser-based application that walks you through the process, step by step, and helps you organise and store all the information about the estate. 

The system does all calculations for you and generates and auto-completes the necessary forms and letters ready to print, sign and post. 

YouCanDoProbate allows you to complete the process at your own pace and convenience. The information is stored securely online so you can log in to your account and update it online 24/7. 

Customers on TrustPilot say YouCanDoProbate is logical, no nonsense and an excellent solution, which simplifies the probate process. 

The cost of using YouCanDoProbate is £325, which includes unlimited support from our UK-based support team. 

Once you’ve received your grant of probate back from the probate registry, you can log back into your account for help with the next step, distributing the assets to the beneficiaries.