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We're proud of our excellent rating

Our aim is to help you apply for probate, by yourself, at a time and pace that suits you, in the easiest way possible and at an affordable price. We take pride in our commitment to providing excellent customer service, but don't take our work for it, read our glowing reviews to learn how YouCanDoProbate helped and benefitted our customers.

Rated: Excellent

Helpful staff and good online service

It was really useful to start the forms and go back to them over a period of days without having to start again. Once completed and printed off, we sent off and our Grant of Probate was received 4 weeks later. I had to contact staff at the Help Centre on a couple of occasions and they were more than helpful. Definitely would recommend using this service if the application is not complicated.

Customer - Bristol



Steven Tubb

Was really concerned i would struggle…

Was really concerned i would struggle with this but it was an absolute breeze. Great platform and so user friendly.

Shaun Cherry

I can truly recommend YouCanDoProbate…

I can truly recommend YouCanDoProbate for an Estate that falls below the IHT threshold. The portal is excellent and easy to use and walks you through the process brilliantly. The support is also excellent with special mention for Tom. Many thanks to all

Andy Lewis

The dedication and professionalism of…

The dedication and professionalism of Tom and the team was TRULY outstanding. If I as a 70 something and barely computer literate can do it with their help, then anyone can. Outstanding, brilliant service and amazing value.


Excellent! I wish I had found sooner

So, so easy. I wish I had found sooner as I put off doing probate thinking it would be bad but it was fine. I got a bit stuck and had a quick call and then all went through smoothly. Thank you, I would definitely recommend to all.

Carol Fennell

I was quite daunted by the procedure of…

I was quite daunted by the procedure of probate as I'd never been in this position before, but you made the whole process almost easy. Adam was brilliant, if I had a query or was unsure about anything he helped me to understand and navigate the forms successfully. All your staff were efficient, helpful and friendly and I would recommend you to anyone without a moment's hesitation. Thank you so much


Excellent package

Excellent package easy to follow and good help service if needed - probate obtained in six weeks - thank you


A difficult task made more simple for executors

Finding out about the process of registering a death and the probate process is not something that many people deal with on a regular basis, unless of course they are professionals in the field. Unfortunately I recently had to undertake this task and was shocked by the fees that can be charged by a professional to in effect collate information that I would have to find and supply to them. I looked for alternatives and found “youcandoprobate” I purchased the package and was pleasantly surprised with how easy it was to use and followed the guide which helped steer me in the right direction to find the information I required to input. However one of the biggest surprises was when nearing the end of the process the tool established that the estate was over the threshold to qualify for IHT205 and that I would have to now go through the IHT400 documents. This, one may thing would be an annoyance having paid for the software licence and followed the process that far and to find that I could not complete. However this has been considered by the makers and as long as you have not generated the documents you are able to obtain a refund in line with their T’s & C’s. I still have to follow the IHT400 process but having used the “youcandoprobate” software I feel that this will be a far less daunting task than I would have thought as it has helped me to better understand the process and has helped me collate a lot of information. I would highly recommend this package to anyone in the unfortunate position of having to wind up an estate.


You will not regret using YouCanDoProbate

I cannot say enough by way of thanks to this company. I was helped numerous times either by email or by booking a 'call back' and nothing seemed too much trouble. I could not have completed this application for probate without their assistance that's for sure. What they say is so true - you have to supply a Solicitor with the information they need to complete the application so why not use YouCanDoProbate for a fraction of the Solicitor's cost and do it yourself! All the information you supply is automatically put onto the application form so no writing involved. A massive thank you to Tom for all your help and patience!

Mrs L Whitfield

An excellent service!

This is an excellent service. As well as the clear and logical website to step you through the process, there is first class one-on-one support from experts on probate. Using youcandoprobate saved me thousands of pounds of legal expenses!


This was money well spent made life so…

This was money well spent made life so much easier and prevented any time being wasted by not sending all relevant documents and having to re submit.

Mr Walker

We followed all the instructions on how to complete the form and would recommend this site to anyone.

We followed all the instructions on how to fill in the appropriate spaces. As it was done at the weekend there was no one to speak to but on Monday when I got in a bit of a muddle Tom talked me through what I had to do. It all worked out fine in the end & I would recommend them to anyone who wanted to tackle Probate themselves.


As it says

As it says; "You can do Probate" all be it with a little help from the team who are really great. I had my doubts initially but I have managed to complete all of the forms and get my application in for my Mothers estate, and I am in my 70S. It was interesting that funeral expenses are an expense rather than a liability but I suppose if we think about it, it is. Many thanks to the team. I can just wait and see how long it takes to get it from here.

Graham Trim

A step by step guide which eases you through

Very prompt, efficient and friendly. Certainly helped me in difficult times. Very straight forward and the step by step forms were a great help.

Anne and Alan