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At a difficult time, obtaining probate shouldn’t be complicated, expensive, time-consuming or stressful. You’ve got enough on your plate. Our revolutionary facility has simplified the whole process so that anyone can do it, without any previous knowledge of probate.

The easiest way to apply for probate yourself

Details of the Deceased

1. Getting started

YouCanDoProbate will guide you through a series of questions about the person who has died, their Estate and details of the Will (if they had one).

So that you're not overwhelmed, we have simplified the questions and process involved with applying, allowing you to confidently fill in all the information that is required without any knowledge of Probate.

2. Probate & IHT Forms

YouCanDoProbate will know what Probate and Tax forms are needed and automatically complete them ready for you to download, sign and submit.

You can re-generate the forms as many times as you need so you won't need to panic if you notice a mistake or need to make some changes to the applications.

Probate & IHT Forms
Beneficiary Schedule

3. Grant of Probate

Once you receive the Grant of Probate in the post you can begin distributing the Estate safe in the knowledge you have completed the final wishes of the person that has died.

To ensure you complete your responsibilities, YouCanDoProbate provides an in-depth Beneficiary Schedule that calculates what each Beneficiary is entitled to from the estate.​

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"I researched all of the 'DIY Probate' options and nothing compared to what YouCanDoProbate could do. No research, no form-filling, no maths, no headache!"

Sarah Billings | Tetbury

Simple to use but full of expert features

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If it doesn't work for you, then we'll give you your money back.

YouCanDoProbate can be used for estates where no inheritance tax is due, but probate is needed to deal with the person who has died’s assets, and to distribute their estate to the beneficiaries.

For deaths before 1 January 2022

You can use our platform if, at the date of death, the person who has died;

For deaths After 1 January 2022

You can use our platform if, at the date of death, the person who has died;

100% Risk Free Guarantee

Our Risk Free,
Money Back Guarantee​

If you're uncertain of the estate value don't worry; YouCanDoProbate will automatically alert you at the point any limits or thresholds are exceeded. If this happens, please contact us and we will happily provide you with a full refund of your licence fee. T&C's Apply.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a question about YouCanDoProbate? See the list below for our most frequently asked questions. If your question is not listed here, then please contact us.

You should! Anyone can use YouCanDoProbate. Our intuitive web-based application will produce the Probate and Inheritance Tax forms ready to sign and submit. Just answer the questions and let the application take care of the rest, from calculations, beneficiary schedules to auto-populated letters of correspondence.    

YouCanDoProbate provides a platform for estates where no Inheritance Tax is due to apply for Probate. You can use YouCanDoProbate if, at the date of death, the person who has died lived in England or Wales and had no overseas assets (pre January 1st 2022) or a maximum of £100,000 (post 1st January 2022). Their total assets did not exceed £1,000,000 (pre January 1st 2022) or £3,000,000 (post 1st January 2022). They did not make any gifts or transfer any assets totalling more than £150,000 (pre January 1st 2022) or £250,000 (post 1st January 2022) in the 7 years prior to their death. The value of their estate is below the current Inheritance Tax threshold.

Don’t worry, we have a Risk Free – Money Back Guarantee. YouCanDoProbate will automatically alert you at the point any limits or thresholds are exceeded and you can no longer proceed using our system. Should this happen we will happily provide you with a full refund of your fee (T&C’s apply).

You must be certain that the person who has died lived in England or Wales at the date of death and had no overseas assets. We will not provide a refund if you purchase YouCanDoProbate and then cannot use it because of this.

You will only be asked to input information that is absolutely necessary to complete Probate and the Estate Administration. This includes personal details of the person that died, their Will (if they had one) information about their assets and liabilities and some further administrative details. Please be aware, you would still have to collate and supply all of this information if you choose to use a solicitor or any other professional service.      

Probate is an administrative task that anyone can undertake. It’s a myth that it’s a legal process. There’s no reason for you to waste £000s on solicitor’s fees or other providers when our online system takes you step by step through the process and ensures you avoid any costly or awkward mistakes.

YouCanDoProbate will automatically calculate, fill in and generate the necessary forms for the estate.

The Probate forms available are; PA1P – Probate Application (the deceased left a will), PA1A – Probate Application (the deceased did not leave a will), Additional Probate forms about the Executors that may be necessary are PA11 – Power of Attorney, PA14 – Medical Certificate, PA15 – Renunciation

For deaths pre January 1st 2022 the Tax forms available are; IHT205 – Return of Estate, IHT217 – Claim to Transfer Unused Nil Rate Band (if the Deceased was widowed).  

Yes. YouCanDoProbate will generate the appropriate PA1A – Probate Application form. You will also benefit from our intuitive Intestacy Walkthrough; this will inform you who is entitled to inherit the Estate.

YouCanDoProbate has been designed to support you step by step through the whole process working in tandem with our in-depth user guide and probate guidance articles. Should you need additional support, our team of expert, friendly support staff are available telephone and email. 

No problem at all. Our friendly experts are here to answer your questions. Please contact us here and we will be happy to help.




Additional costs: The probate registry fee of £273 for all estates and additional copies of probate for £1.50 each. (Payable directly to HM Courts and Tribunals Service).

ICAEW Technology Accreditation
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