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YouCanDoProbate is the brainchild of Chartered Accountant and Software Developer Jonathan Friedman (Co-Founder), created after he was appointed an Executor in his father’s Will.


YouCanDoProbate was born when Jonathan Friedman, a Chartered Accountant and software developer, had to apply for probate after his father’s death. He realised how over-complicated and difficult the process was, even for someone with an accounting background, and so decided to come up with an affordable solution, that would help people complete probate forms quickly, easily and correctly, without needing to resort to expensive legal advice.

The result was YouCanDoProbate: the first and only, online probate application, that automatically completes all necessary Probate and Tax forms ready for submission, that can be used by anyone, without needing any knowledge of Probate.

The unique application is supported by a friendly team of experienced probate specialists and a talented developers, with a fully UK-based support centre to help users with any questions.

Our aim is to help you apply for Probate, by yourself, at a time and pace that suits you, in the easiest way possible, at an affordable price.

Our Story

When Jonathan’s father died, he had to complete a probate application. As he started the process he was shocked by how difficult, unnecessarily complicated and opaque the process was, even for someone with his professional background. What should in fact be an administrative task is a process that for many people is incredibly daunting, often seeming almost impossible. When faced with the difficulties of the task, many people resort to using a solicitor or a bank. When Jonathan looked into this option he was horrified, not only by the very high upfront fees being charged, but also by the fact that many of these providers then also take a portion of the estate.

He then started looking to see if there was any middle-ground – a less expensive application or program that could help people. However, he could find no evidence of such a product.

Online forums were full of people recounting their desperation – stressful months spent trying to fill in applications, or thousands of pounds paid to solicitors. It seemed very wrong to Jonathan that at a time which is already stressful and upsetting, the probate process should be adding to people’s problems.

As a seasoned software developer, Jonathan therefore decided to try and do something about this. Being a chartered accountant he understood that probate is in fact nothing more than an administrative process – a matter of gathering lots of information, and then writing letters, completing legal and tax forms. Jonathan knew that there had to be a way of streamlining this, making it easy for bereaved relatives or friends to complete a probate application with minimal stress and expense.

"Solicitors and Banks have charged too much, for too little, for too long."

Jonathan Friedman | Chartered Accountant & Co-Founder

Jonathan teamed up with the highly sought-after creative, James Zonko (Co-Founder), an experienced designer and successful app developer. He was very excited when Jonathan approached him to work together on YouCanDoProbate, and so they set out to radically revolutionise the whole probate application process.

Just as Jonathan understood the financial side of the process, James was very focused on the user experience. He understood the need to create a step by step application to actually assist people, to make it easier than using a Solicitor, and to take the user by their hand and help them through the whole process.

“Applying for probate can seem daunting and a bit overwhelming, but what we have done is simplify everything. We have untied the red tape and created an easy to use, straightforward, walk through system. Following the steps in app ensures the user does everything right and doesn't miss anything” said James.

YouCanDoProbate has changed the probate industry, and created a new offering to the market.

There is now a realistic solution to apply for probate, without needing a professional, or without the hardship of doing it alone.


"I was worried that I wouldn’t know how to do Probate on my own so tried this rather than spend a fortune. It really worked. Great product."

Colin Ashton | Haslingden

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