Getting Probate during COVID-19

If you’re having to deal with the affairs of a deceased person during the pandemic, you can do it from home yourself.

YouCanDoProbate will make the process simple, quick and stress-free for you, no solicitors or prior knowledge required.

Apply for probate from home

Getting probate during Covid-19 can be done safely and effectively from home. Do not be daunted by the task of dealing with the affairs of a deceased person during the pandemic. No prior knowledge or specialist skills are required to get the job done.

It is not necessary to appoint or visit a solicitor or other provider to complete probate. It’s an administrative task that you can do yourself from home.

You will need the personal details of the person that died, their will (if they had one) and information about their possessions and finances.

YouCanDoProbate is a browser-based application that you can log into on your computer or laptop. It’s an easy to use system that walks you through the process logically and helps you with simple questions and calculations.

The app will generate and auto-populate the necessary letters and forms required. This makes writing to the deceased person’s bank, pension provider and utilities easy and ensures you fill out the right probate application form and inheritance tax forms correctly.

Once you are happy that all the information has been collated and the forms are ready to submit, simply download and print them, and pop them in the post to the Probate Office.


Delays to getting probate during the pandemic


Unfortunately, the probate office is struggling at this time, with a triple whammy of increased applications for probate, managing staff and remote working to keep everyone safe during Covid-19 and internal changes that happened earlier in the year.

This means that once you’ve sent off your probate application, you may have to wait 6 to 8 weeks to receive your grant of probate back. The best way to ensure the swiftest response is to get all the information correct on your form and YouCanDoProbate will provide you with this reassurance. It will also store all the information securely for you in your account so you can refer to it at a later date. 

The grant of probate is the legal document that confirms you are entitled to distribute the deceased person’s estate to beneficiaries; the people named in the will.

In normal times, they are normally received back within a month.


Once you receive your grant of probate


When you do receive probate in the post, you can start distributing the estate, safe in the knowledge you have completed the final wishes of the person that has died.

To ensure you complete your responsibilities properly, you can log back in to  YouCanDoProbate and use the in-depth Beneficiary Schedule that calculates what each person is entitled to from the estate.


We’re here to help


Our team have been working safely, remotely throughout the pandemic to assist our users with probate applications, every step of the way. YouCanDoProbate makes it logical and simple to apply for probate but sometimes we need to speak to someone for reassurance.

Our one-off, low cost package price of £325 includes unlimited email and telephone support to get you through the process efficiently and submit your application for probate.

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